Michael Richards: You know those performers who just love it?
Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah.
MR: It was always a struggle, with me.
JS: No, no. I don’t accept the judging of process. Doesn’t matter that you like to rehearse with your nose up against the flat, saying lines. That doesn’t matter.
MR: You used to see me back there doing that, huh?
JS: Yes! We’re all trying to get to the same island. Whether you swim, fly, surf, or skydive in, it doesn’t matter. What matters is when the red light comes on.
MR: Okay…Because sometimes I look back at the show, and think I should have enjoyed myself more.
JS: Michael, I could say that myself. But that was not our job. Our job is not for us to enjoy it, our job is to make sure they enjoy it. That’s what we do. That’s what we do.
MR: Ahh. You know, that’s beautiful, that’s beautiful. Because I think I work selfishly. Not selflessly. It’s not about me.
JS: No.
MR: It’s about them.
- Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee