Ferns I Have Known

Best conversation ever at 826LA today. Elementary school kids have come to the workshop to write a book. Danny, our leader, is introducing all of us, who all “work” here at the “publishing company”. 

DANNY: And this is David. David draws pictures for books. In fact, he’s the world’s foremost illustrator of ferns. He goes all over the world and he draws every different type of fern. David, how many different types of ferns are there?

ME: Three hundred twenty-one.


DANNY: Three hundred twenty-one types of ferns. David is such an expert on ferns that he’s actually just published a book, the 2012 Oxford International Compendium of Ferns. But he can draw other things too, animals or people or spaceships or anything else you can — yes? Mia, you have a question?

MIA, ABOUT SEVEN YEARS OLD: Do you know where I can get that fern book? It sounds really interesting.