So happy about this.

In 2004 I was working in movie marketing. My job was to edit 15- and 30-second TV spots for (mostly bad) movies. This involved watching (mostly bad) movies over and over and over to try and find the smallest, most minute overlooked interesting bits. The Pacifier was one of these movies.

Usually when editing TV spots, we’d be working from the finished (or at least a rough cut) of the full movie, but if we needed to, we could request raw footage (dailies) from the studio — for example if we wanted a particular line of dialogue on-camera, but in the movie they cut away from the speaker for that line.

As I recall, we also had dailies on this movie because we worked on early trailers, which typically would be edited by the trailer company from the same footage the movie itself was being edited from down the street at the studio. (This is why you sometimes see shots in trailers that aren’t in the finished movie.)

ANYWAY I happened across this frame in between takes. Vin made some comment to a crew member and smiled this huge, goofy, out-of-character grin. I immediately screencapped it because I don’t know when I’ll need this. I had no idea. It just seemed like an opportunity I shouldn’t pass up.

Eight years later, four computers later, VINGRIN.jpg has found its raison d’être. These are the moments that remind us that we are on the correct track in life. All roads led us to here, and every small thing had a purpose.