One of my favorite things to do is make fake-Victorian diagrams and charts! The Hierarchy of Beards was the first (adapted from a shorter version in my book Beards of our Forefathers).

The Builder’s, Crafter’s, Maker’s Rules is one page out of an entire ‘magazine’, Wondermark’s Nominally-Essential Tinkerer’s Handbook.

The Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns and the Electro-Plasmic Hydrocephalic Genre-Fiction Generator 2000 both ran as regular Wondermark comics!

And most recently, the Complete and Unabridged edition of the Zoological Times Table and Spotters’ Identification Guide is an expansion from a chart that ran in my book Emperor of the Food Chain.

You have always (since the beginning of time) been able to get these posters individually. But NOW, for the FIRST time, you can get them in a combination pack!

And if you DO, you will also get – FOR FREE – another poster, Sponsored Messages, not available singly, that contains Victorian-style advertisements and catalog entries, reprinted from a vast array of Wondermark printed matter (with a few new entries added, as well)!

You can even ADD ON to the Combo pack either of my other two famous posters – Futurism: Building a Fake Future, painted by Carly Monardo, and Mysterious Homicides, created for a Brandon Bird art show.

Friends, this may be – this may be the best of all possible worlds

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